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Britannia School of leadership & Management

About the client

Our client is an upcoming UK based education and training provider with a worldwide audience named Britannia School of Leadership & Management (BSLM) is. It offers accredited courses that are approved by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the regulatory body in the UK.
It also offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses that are carefully selected to meet the varying needs of professionals. The courses are auto-delivered and auto-assessed, where an option to download and print the Certificate of Completion at the end.

Requirements Identification Process

Being a new venture, BSLM wanted to ensure that all learning resources are available to learners in one place, to make personalised recommendations to learners and to be able to cater to all types of learning styles of end learners. BSLM vision was to elevate eLearning experience and to ensure ease of access to learning resources for the students. Moreover, it also wanted to ensure that it can build a positive brand image for itself and be recognised in the education industry as a quality education provider.
BSLM had a detailed meeting with our experts which was part of our free initial consultation. We understood the requirements in detail, including the issues/challenges that may arise, from an end-user standpoint.
After meticulously understanding the needs and requirements of the company, Knowza prepared a proposal that covered every aspect of the client’s requirement and assigned the relevant person from each of its department to schedule meetings with BSLM


Proposed Customisation

Based on the analysis done of the options available, user requirements and the problem statements specified, we proposed delivering and installing a highly customised Moodle LMS & VLE which could deliver better User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), easy access of eLearning courses from any device, easy management of classroom courses and which could generate very detailed analytical reports. All this at a fixed cost and no licensing fee involved, which would eventually help BSLM to save costs in the long term
Our web developers and IT experts sat down with the client to explain in details the necessary steps that had to be taken in order to ensure that BSLM has a topnotch Learning Management System (LMS) that is perfectly integrated with the website which we would develop for BSLM, to provide maximum flexibility with user interface (UI), features and accessibility.
Being a very young organisation, BSLM wanted to ensure that the LMS also reflected the organisation’s vision of providing advanced e-learning experience to its client. For this, knowza proposed that the company also required a user-friendly VLE where it could upload courses, quizzes and activities, formative and summative assessments. It needed a system where students enrolled in a particular course can submit and track their assignments online via a personal home page, contribute to and participate in discussions with the instructor via the various tools, work at their own pace, complete their worksheets and tests online for final submission and grading and attempt offline assignments with instructions and guides from the company’s website.
Knowza’s academic and research team was assigned to the project of developing and designing OTHM and NCFE courses, as well as CDP courses. The team selected and designed the courses according to their area of expertise for the certifications and diplomas that BSLM had to offer to its clients. We created the courses as per the curriculum and rolled out the courses on the client LMS.
All this at a fixed cost and no licensing fee involved, which would eventually help BSLM to save costs in the long term


Project Deliverables

1. Developing a website
• Server Selection & Deployment
• Email Server Selection & Deployment
• Motion graphics
• Artwork; Logo design, pamphlet design
• Security gateway deployment: DDos prevention, fragmentation prevention, mySQL injection prevention
• CDN Deployment
• AMP Pages

2. Setting up LSM & VLE (Moodle)
• A custom made LSM
• Setting up of Moodle
• Installation and configuration
• Training
• Customisation to include new modules and features
• Creation of reports, analytics and dashboards
• Development of templates and custom designs
• Addition of xAPI compliance
• An error-free and smooth integration of LSM and Moodle with BSLM’s website

3. Curriculum Design
• OTHM Courses
• NCFE Courses
• CDP courses
• Interactive course material
• Quizes & Assignments

4. Digital Marketing
• Google Ads
• Social media marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tweeter
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Pay-per-click (PPC)
• Content marketing
• Email marketing