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J.S Training Center for Marketing Professionals

About Our Client

Jacob is an experienced University professor who specialises in marketing management. For the last 2 years, he has also been running a small online training company that is established to cater to the training needs of employees working in the marketing department of FMCG companies. He has a basic static website for his company. It offers a diverse range of training programs for employees to improve their marketing skills and help them in their job growth. The organisation provides an infrastructure for training and aims to offer all-round development for trainees.
The company aims to continuously review, design, and deliver training programs, modules, and learning material aligned to the changing customer and market needs.
Our client is currently delivering training through e-learning modules to 200 employees spread across the country. The total duration of training is 20 hours, with e-Learning comprising 15 hours – covering 12 soft skills and three domain-specific e-modules – to be completed over a period of twenty days.
These courses are being hosted on an existing portal, which is not very user-friendly and has a few issues with scalability as well as design. It gets jammed whenever more than 20 concurrent users log onto it, causing a lot of inconvenience and delays in course completion and reporting. It is also clunky, making it difficult for learners to navigate. Training administrators also found it very tedious to perform the various admin tasks as the portal is not very easy to use.


The main challenges faced by our client were:

1. Scalability
• The learning portal was not scalable and could not handle traffic beyond 20 current users.
• With 200+ users having to take 15 hours of eLearning each, this caused considerable delays in course completion and resulted in user disengagement.

2. Reporting
• Reports were available, but could not be extracted easily.
• Reports were limited to region-wise and course completion. It was difficult to slice and dice data to view reports across fiscal years, districts, and course completion.

3. Self-enrollment
• There was no feature of users creating their own accounts to access the portal.
• There was no self-enrollment facility into courses either. Training admins had to assign all courses to everyone in the system manually.

4. Digital Marketing of training programs
• There was no advertising or social media campaigns to attract employees and make them realise the importance of training for their career growth.
• The website was static and not once was it updated after its initial development.


Our Solution

Knowza worked with the client’s stakeholders and proposed a learning portal that met their training management needs – Knowza decided to transform the website, set up VLR & LMS with a user-centric approach and develop an extensive social media campaign for the client.


Proposed Customisation

To overcome challenges and with an eye on the future, the training institute wanted a robust Learning Management system (LMS) that would help them reach their desired training goals, for this Knowza undertook the project to completely transform the website and set up a VLE and LMS for the company. Without the right technology, overcoming the challenges faced by our client was nearly impossible. The services provided by knowza included:

Website development
The first important step was to work on the client’s website. We developed a personalised website for the client that he can use to advertise the courses, sell those through automated systems, write blogs, and answer FAQs, show testimonials and link to all his social media accounts. We conferred with the client at each step and ensured the portal was tailored to meet their needs.

Learner Management System (LSM)
We then set up a scalable, user-friendly LMS, with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation that would help the client to manage the training needs of all the employees, whilst tracking their payment details and regularly communicating with them. Any task is now a matter of just a few clicks away. These user-centric features and the enhanced scalability ensured that all users could log in to the new portal simultaneously and access courses without any delays.
Moreover, we made sure that there were visually appealing dashboards to give admins and users a clear picture of their training status at a glance. Admins can extract various reports containing helpful metrics effortlessly and use the available filters to generate customised reports.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
VLE was also set-up by us, branded and tailored to his needs. With the VLE set up by knowza, the limit of 20 concurrent users was overcome, and now all users can log in to the new portal simultaneously and access courses without any delays. This has caused course completion rates to jump because users no longer experience frustration caused by delays in accessing the website, and in completing the courses.
The VLE allowed our client to upload courses, quizzes and activities, formative and summative assessments; assigning courses to learners of various domains, automatically issue Certificates and customised report generation
Users can now create their own accounts to access the portal. Going forward, with the proposed plan to introduce many new courses at different levels, users also have been given the facility to enrol themselves into courses of their interest. With a simple approval from the training admins, they can proceed with the course
All of these steps taken by knowza lead to an improved user experience for the trainees.

Digital/Social media campaign
After setting up the website, VLE and LSM, the next step for Knowza was to design an extensive marketing campaign for the client so that he is able to attract more people to register for his training programs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO services were also offered to the client by Knowza so that he can make new clients by appearing on the first or second page on Google.
Our technical team will continue to offer administration and maintenance support if needed to resolve any issues that may arise in the future.


Knowza’s customised LSM & VLE – a learner-centric, cost-effective, and flexible System – was used to take the pain out of training management and tracking.
• With the LSM & VLE set up by Knowza, the client’s many pain points were successfully addressed, and the user engagement with the LMS and learning content went up – thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of our solution.
• Knowza continues to be dedicated to helping our client maintain and administer the system, to help them automate, track, assess, and manage training effectively.