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   Development    Why DIY-ing your website, is a bad idea if you are an educationalist?

Why DIY-ing your website, is a bad idea if you are an educationalist?

I get it, developing your own website means you save a significant amount of money that you would otherwise have to spend on getting your website designed and developed by an IT expert. You ask yourself questions like, how hard can it be? I just need a simple website with a user-friendly interface. I’m sure I can find some good samples on websites like or Why would I be stupid enough to spend money on something that I can do myself?

Well, let me tell you why. These companies make building a website seem like the simplest of things and make you believe that you can get it done in no time and then let the money roll in. Here’s the thing,

Designing a website is NOT at all as easy as it seems

Drag and drop of images and inserting text is not what building a website is all about. It is so much more than that. You also need to know that the templates you get from these website designing companies are generic and are nowhere near to help you meet your specific business needs. Not to mention, there is nothing that you can change or add in the website which is outside of the restrictive template that you are using.

Ever wondered why IT professionals are called IT “experts” or IT “specialists”?

It’s because what they do is something that is impossible for a layman to do. A web developer has spent years learning and educating himself on the technicalities of developing a website. What seems like a quick one to two days task to you may end up taking you weeks or even months to complete, and even then your website will not be as good as the one made by a professional web developer. Imagine if you spend all that time doing something that you’re good at, in your case, providing quality education, making the best course curriculums, how productive would that be?

Moreover, in today’s world of digital media and competitiveness, a website is not just for floating information, it is about BUILDING TRUST with your audience and making them believe that what you have to offer to them is worth their time and money. This makes your website an integral part of your business, and you want to make sure that it is flawless and reflects the image of your organization.

Focus on your business and your core competencies

As an educationalist, your expertise lay in designing the best curriculum and course outline for your students. Don’t let anything else overshadow your main objective. Thus, by outsourcing your website development, you can focus and take care of what you do best. Outsourcing your website development not only means that you get a website that is designed by professionals with no chance of errors, but it also means that you save a tremendous amount of time that you can utilize on the core services that you wish to provide.

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